Northern Outreach Opens

Our Northern Outreach Service at Smithfield:

It is exciting to have opened our new northern outreach service earlier this month. It is located at Unit 2, 2b Morialta Drive, Smithfield located in the Uniting Communities building.

Our financial counsellor, is available 2 days a week to assist clients with consumer credit financial matters.

Our specialist lawyer is also available to assist clients with consumer credit legal issues.

Another important aspect of our northern outreach is working with local community service providers. One of our current projects is working with agencies to assist workers affected by the closure of Holden’s at Elizabeth.

The northern outreach service is well placed to assist people affected by the closure experiencing consumer credit issues.

Our solicitors and financial counsellors are available to talk at local community forums or events.

If you want to know more about our northern outreach service please contact us on ph: (08) 8342 1800